Having direct access to the beach at Goolwa allows David to utilise the sand, sun and surf for fitness and rehabilitation purposes. This supplementary method of training is used to keep the horses physically and mentally fresh and it ensures they are ready to perform at their best on race day.


Jolly Racing has a team of approximately 30 horses in work, a number that David believes is manageable and allows him to spend as much time as required with each horse individually. By maintaining a hands-on approach David is able to plan a specific training program for each horse which he tailors to meet the needs of each individual.

Strathalbyn racecourse

The nearby Strathalbyn racecourse provides a great opportunity for course proper gallops and sand work which, combined with the beach and local Goolwa river provides David with a number of alternative methods of training giving each horse every chance to remain healthy and happy. 

WATCH: Goolwa beach provides a beautiful backdrop to prepare our team of horses complementing the trackwork they do at Strathalbyn racecourse.

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